Heart rate or etc with bar im GWD

hi to all dears , Are we can set heart rate bpm like stpes % in timeline…etc ? or somthing like these with each part of photo please answer me

Hi, can you please better describe what would you like to make?
Available variables for conditional line can be seen after hitting the + sign.

Is it possible to make this kind of design for heart rate?
Like battery percentage or percentage of steps … we have some part We have a number of photos that we want to display as a heartbeat. Photos that each represent a different number.

You would have to make the images appear or disappear using expressions. For example you could set the range, when the specific image has opacity 100 and when not, with expression in opacity field like this: ([hr]>=60)*([hr]<90)*100. It would make it appear between 60 and 90BPM. For each image just adjust the numbers.

i dont undrestand what do you mean can you make a basic example file test ?

there is a tutorial based on steps. all you need to do there, is to change the [st] tag into [hr] and adjust numbers for opacity.
to better see what I mean, rename the attached file into bpm.gwd and try to open it. there is example with 4 images changing opacity according heart rate.bpm.zip (25.6 KB)