Stepcount not greater than 100%

How can I manage that the percentage not become greater then 100%

Try moving the X placement of an object with this tag expression
(([sc]/[sg]) * 100)
That will move as the step count increases and goes past 100%
But you should have the object change color or something once it passes 100%

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Hi Ron,

Thanks for your reaction. The processbar is not linear but goes round on the watch. Because ther is not much space to hide the color bar i split it in 3 parts with differet End Values to fill the aera.
The first part End Value 650
Second part End Value 960
Third part End Value 1860

But it goes wrong when you make more steps than 100% of the daily value.
In the Galaxy Watch Studio program you cannot give the steps % higher than 100% so also hard to test.
Hope someone has an idea?

2022-12-07 14_13_54-Galaxy Watch Studio
An example

Are you doing this with Galaxy Watch Studio ( for GW3 and older) or Watch Face Studio for GW4 and GW5? You are using terms from Watch Face Studio and that has different solutions.

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Hi Ron,

Yes i am using Galaxy Watch Studio for my GW3.

Nice looking watch face. I think this is a Feature of Galaxy watch as they use the Samsung Health for the step goal so you can’t determine it beforehand.

Watch Face Studio lets you use the SG as a true false tag so you could change items after it hits 100%


HI Ron

i have a Tag Expression [st]*2.08 that allows my Step Count to move from Right to left, But it keeps on going out of the screen when reaching more that 100%, how can i stop it at 100%

been a while but I think something like this for GWS

([sg] <= 100)? ([st] * 2.08) : 208

if step goal <= 100 return [st]*2.08 else 208