Heart rate showing 0 on converted faces from GWS


I just converted a few of my faces from GWS and my heart rate isn’t working on the watch face. It says 0.

However, If it tap it and the button action opens the heart rate which I had before it’s working there.

I tried reinstalling the faces and making sure the permissions were set to yes, they were. Still says 0 on the watch face.

any ideas?

Other pre built watch faces with bpm work and show the current bpm, just not my converted faces.

after messing with it for over an hour, reinstalling watch faces, opening heart rate app and back to face over and over it finally changed value from 0 to 90 but got stuck right away… its not changing past 90

This is really disappointing. I see a couple threads on here people having the same issue and apparently it was resolved in the last update but its not working with the converter app in my experience. Nor with my face I made I mention above. I’m using a GW4 btw, updated and brand new.

I turned on all the sensors in health apps. Anybody have any suggestions before I return the watch?

The TPK to AAB converter tool does not work as well with newer Wear OS versions and I have asked that they formally deprecate it and update the documentation. I do not recommend anyone use the tool any longer.

Galaxy Watch Studio used Samsung Health API for heart and steps but Watch Face Studio and the TPK converter used Wear OS Health Services instead. You have to preset in the project the Step goal and frequency of heart rate.

There are several threads on this basically the heart rate only reads the last read heart rate it isn’t continuously updated but I haven’t tried it since the last update.

Keep asking question you bring up some great ideas that need to be addressed. But I would suggest you not use the Converter tool any longer.

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Thanks Ron,

I have another question. I am remaking my faces in WFS and I notice there is not “background” anymore, is this just bundles into the image category now?

I set my background image and I wanted to give it a double tap action to change the wallpaper but it only gives me the option of a single tap.
Is there no single/double tap option in WFS?

A: Double Tap is reserved in Wear OS (Some manufactures use double tap to go into sleep or AOD mode).

For a background create a generic background or image and colors using the style tab to change the background. I like the gradient image background myself but you can use whatever you like…

For Watch hands create one, with that one highlighted use the Style tab to add other versions

That is how it is done in Wear OS instead of tapping. I like it better myself.

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When you say create a generic background you mean just use a solid color image and change the style right?

I have a couple other questions,

  • how can I get the outline of the watch face circle border to show on-top of the other layers, like how it does in galaxy studio?

  • how do you assign tags to images, I don’t see the value tab for images. Like if I wanted to set transparency based on a value like battery percent?

  • is there a way to expand the time lines, I made a battery time line but I had to keep scrolling left and right to shorten the active block lines?

starting a new thread for the questions.

@r.liechty_SDP I remade my watch face and used the [HR] tag so it now shows the heart rate but its not in real time. I have a button linked to measure under it and it only shows the measured value.

How do I make it show real time heart rate? How do the native watch faces update every second?

I tried [HR_IS_MEASURING] but it just returns with 1 or 0.

Can the dev team give an update to the intervals and give us 1 sec before 10 min intervals under health properties?

@Peter do you have any solutions?

if your heart beat is 60 times a minute (normal] and you measured it every second wouldn’t that be a heart rate of sixty or zero not very accurate. Also if you measured it more than every ten minutes or so it would drain the battery dramatically. The health apps only measure when they are active.

The built in Watch Faces seem to do it the same way as Watch Face Studio I checked:

The digital Dashboard which is uses a heart rate app, it only reports the last read heart rate when you tap on it it shows you the last read time and asks if you wish to measure it.

DBasic 5b also shows the last read heart rate but when you tap on it it changes color and lets you see that it is being updated.

The fitness apps that show a heart rate in real time are actually showing it from the previous 30 seconds or something like that.

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