Heart Rate History Data - how can I get 2 weeks data from watch?

Samsung Health app and pulse widget on watch know this data. How can I get this data from S Health pulse data in my web app? I need to know min and max heart rate from S Health app by 2 weeks period.

This is actually a frequent question.
I was told that Samsung Health app on the Galaxy Watch gets the information stored in Samsung Health on the mobile not the other way around.

If you want the information as a Tizen developer you need to program it but it may not match the Samsung Health app. You could create a companion app on your mobile that access the SHealth API and send that to your watch but that requires the mobile be in developer mode.

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What about Samsung Accessory SDK?
Give me the solution to getting Heart Rate History data from Watch Active 2 wich SHealth app is collecting. Without develop extra additional mobile app.

Hi Tima,

Sorry you can’t access the SHealth data on the watch. You have to create your own data and collect the heart rate in your app. It will not match SHealth data. The apps that would show that have a companion app or are done by Samsung using unpublished API that might change.

The last I heard they were working on a public API for SHealth for Tizen but I have no idea on any timeline.

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