Heart rate wearOS4

I am using Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and currently using one ui 5 beta.
wearOS version is 4.

HR tag doesn’t work.

HR tag in WFS 1.3.13 works fine.
HR in WFS 1.4.19 is still showing 0.

Samsung Health’s HR works well.

Why is HR tag not working?

In your Health Settings do you have share with Health Connect Selected? I think that is the issue but I don’t have the Wear 4 to test. If that isn’t it let me know

Also be sure to remove the watch face from your watch do not just run on device. ( I think it doesn’t fully remove binary when you run on device but I may be wrong)

Samsung Developer Relations

Even though I set up all connections and permissions, it doesn’t work.

Maybe because it’s beta.
I think it will be resolved when one ui 5 and wearOS4 are officially released.

Thank you for your hard work.

PS: I personally do not recommend using WFS 1.4.19.

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