[Solution] HeartRate not working

If the body sensor is not detected, HR measurement is not working.

This is a problem in a watch device that do not support the off-body sensor and this should be improved in a second update sometime this Autumn.

It is recommended when you publish your watch face application exclude the devices that do not support off-body sensor. You can rebuild and update after the next WFS release.

We are aware that the OPPO Watch does not support the off-body sensor there may be others.

Samsung Developer Relations


I only excluded 2 oppo models and all faces come into the store with no problem.

Such a small digression, the calendar autumn has just started. :grin: :grin: :grin:
So we are waiting for a quick update. :wink: :sunglasses:

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They have a target but something may come up and delay it longer so I don’t want to state it.

Samsung Developer Relations

I excluded all devices just Galaxy Watch still they reject the update for wearOS and published rest watchface like what is this behavior.

Due to this HR tap issue Galaxy watch 4 also getting rejected.

There is a lot going on with Playstore team as they don’t have physical Galaxy Watch 4 to test on like Galaxy Store team used to have physical watches to test watchfaces, that’s why they are so good at review, here all is done on emulators and some time they pass your watchface sometime they reject when they reject idk how to publish again as you upload new .aab file it be live but not for wearOS as on wearOS tag still update rejected error. I am fed up of this and discontinuing my work for wearOS till they fix it.
P.S: just focusing on Tizen for now.
Samsung did so much wrong with their own beautiful platform by adopting something which they don’t even have control on.


I have published a few more and all came back with same rejection. - * For example, Heart Rate monitor doesn’t work.

I have excluded every other watch, only the 2 Samsung watches is selected.

What do you guys reply back to Google for them to retest? What steps must they follow, or what do you say for them to understand how to test correctly?