Generating Author Certificate - what's the trick?

I’m trying to create my first watchface.
On build, an author certificate is required.

I click Yes, and select “Generate a new certificate signing request”

I enter name, create a password, and provide location details. Click Next.

I sign in to my Samsung Account.

Click Sign In:

Then it displays “Generating Author Certificate”

Then the author certificate dialog closes and I’m back to the “Build Project” dialog.


I click on Build, and I’m back to step 1:

What is the missing step? I checked the email used with my Samsung account, and a certificate file was not sent. Nothing was sent except a notice of login from a new device.

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Same here! It appears to be a system wide issue

Same problems here. I tried to solve this problem about several hrs yesterday but still stuck. I think they have issues with the web server. Hot fix needed… ASAP

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There was a server issue that was fixed Monday Feb 1st it should be working today.

If you are still having an issue restart computer to clear any cache’s and if that doesn’t work please let us know by creating a support request.

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