Hide number in 24hr >12

I have a 0 that I have showing in my 12hr and 24hr clock when the time is <=9. That works fine. as soon as double digit hour shows it disappears like I want in 12hr. But in 24hr 13-24hr it shows on top of the 1.

I cannot get it to hide in the 24hr 13-24 hours.

my formula right now is:
[HOUR_1_12] <=9? 100: 0 (this also makes it show in the 24hr clock)

I’ve tried adding
[HOUR_1_24] >=13? 0: 0 but it didn’t do anything

Any ideas?

Add the 12/24 hour time line. (the plus icon) Then your watch will be the same as the mobile device it is paired too.

In the work window it will show both 12 and 24 hour clocks but it shows correctly in the Preview Window. based on the settings there. What I do is hide one clock when designing the other and vice versa

The tags with a Z at the end [HOUR_1_12_Z] have leading zeros
the ones without [HOUR_1_12] do not have leading zeros


Thanks @r.liechty_SDP but thats not quite my problem.
I already have the 12hr and 24hr showing properly based on my phone time settings.
The problem is the “0” I want to hide is a text element. So I need a formula to hide it when the 24hr clock is on and time is above 13hrs.
It works as intended on 12 hr clock, but on the 24 hr it shows from 1-9, hides from 10-12 but shows up again on 13-24 ontop of the 1/2 in the clock,

I think you need to use the [IS_24H] tag


how would I combine that? these dont work…

[IS_24H] + [HR_1_24] >=12 0: 0
(-[IS_24H] + [HR_1_24] >=12 0: 0) * ([HR_1_12] <=9? 100: 0)
([IS_24H] >=12? 0:0) * ([HR_1_12] <=9? 100: 0)

sorry im not very experienced with stringing together tags yet

@r.liechty_SDP is it a bug that [HR_1_12] <=9? 100: 0 also effects the [HR_1_24] and vise versa?

The proper way of writing the 24 hour format is with 0. Like 00:30, 06:30, 13:30. There’s no reason to hide it otherwise users will be confused it with 12 hour format. This is the easiest way to display 24 hour format [HOUR_0_23_Z]:[MIN_Z]. I hope this helps.

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Hello, if you have 12/24h showing properly, why do you need to use the separate 0 layer? For both formats there is tag with leading zero, that works automatically without need for any other conditions.

If you for whatever reason insist on having the 0 as separate text element, then you would need two such separate elements.
one for 12h format with condition like
and other for 24h format with condition like:

@Peter @Ballozi

I’ll try to explain better what I’m trying to do.

For both my 12hr and 24hr clocks, which I have set to HOUR_1_to hide the 0. I want to add my own 0 which is a darker color than the rest of the clock. So I have added a text 0 but I want to hide it when the clocks have double digit hour on both 12 and 24 hr and only show on single digit hour.

ex. on 24hr clock it works as intended with this formula

but If I switch to 12 hr, with the same tags it works for the am hours but not the pm hours

if I switch the tag to HOUR_1_12 instead, the 12 hour am/pm work correctly as well as the am 24 hours but not the pm 24 hours

I cant get the 0 to hide on the pm 24hrs. I hope that all makes sense.

I find it odd that the same tag effects both 12 and 24 hour (bug?) or else I would just duplicate the 0 and give them separate tags and problem solved. But the same tag effects both clocks…

any suggestions?

Hello, my suggestion stays, make a duplicate layer of your zero, assign it to 24h format on condition line and use the HOUR_0_23 tag for it in the opacity field. For me it works without problem.
To see it alive, download attached example .zip file, rename it to .wfs and open it with WFS.

LeadingZeroExample.zip (158.5 KB)

That worked! I keep forgetting about the time/conditional lines… thanks @Peter

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No, Think about it from 1 am to 9 am is the same for both 12 and 24 hour formats

I don’t think any of the solutions above work for 00:00 to 00:59 .I would do this entirely different I would have 3 clocks one for 24 hour clock hour, one for 12 hour clock hour and one for minute and second. and bitmap for the hours 00, 01… 09


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Ron is right. You might encounter issues with users who use 24hour format. I’ve been doing this for years since I started in Tizen. There might be another way but I’ve chosen this technique to control the alignment of the number fonts and flexibility for customization. I believe @Matteo_Dini uses this technique too. In addition, for 12 hour format, you have to create a string for 10, 11 and 12. No need to create 00 bitmap. No need to add extra tags, just use the default ones.

So far it is appearing correctly. I do have it set for different clocks for 12, 24, min, sec. Peters solution works. If I run into trouble I’ll rethink it.

If I can avoid making bitmap fonts, I will lol.

So you have have one clock for 1 to 9 and another for 10 to 12 in 12hr format for the 0 I had infront? Why would the alignment be messed up?

The text fields do not work on watch as pixel perfect copy of preview in PC. Sometimes with different number of displayed digits they simply shift slightly, no matter how they are internally aligned. To maintain alignment I try to use monospaced fonts and/or cut the time info multiple fields.