How to add 12H format and 24H format in a Single Digital watchface

I have a query if someone can pass guidance.

I want to add both 24 hour and 12 hour versions in 1 watchface . Right now i am making 2 versions with Bitmap png Fonts and some with tag expressions.

I am guessing its possible with normal font and not bitmap images and with some tag expression.

Can someone throw some light please.
Thanks in advance.

You can choose whether to express the hour on a 24-hour basis or a 12-hour basis using the following hour tags, [HOUR_1_24_Z], [HOUR_1_12_Z]. If you want to display 24 or 12 hours in the way set by the system (selected by the user), you can hide a component different from the current hour mode using [IS_24H] tag.

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Thanks i have understood the first part i want to implent user selected or by system.

I assume that the [IS_24H] tag is to be used in the hours layer.

I guess this is a frequent question and I think the original documentation should be more detailed. It only says you can use tag or conditional line, but does not explain how to do it.

For example if you have 2 same elements one in 12h format another in 24h format, both in same place, you can use the tag as follows:
opacity of 12h element: 100-100*[IS_24H]
opacity of 24h element: 0+100*[IS_24H]
Or you can use condition line:

It can also be used to show/hide separate am/pm indicator


Thanks to both of you :slight_smile:
i just tried the tags by peter and also the condition line method both worked for me for numbers and for am/pm showing as well. i really appreciate your help very much.

i dont know much about condition line and how to use it properly but i will read more and learn more about it

12 and 24H AUTO


([IS_24H] <1? [AMPM] :“24H”)


Sorry but i can not clicked on this area, it is no editable for me. Whatever i do only option appear:" this action will delete contidion of all frames…)

Thats right. Sorry, even I did not explain all details. You have to first doubleclick the line of your layer and “confirm” removal of all conditions

and then with right click remove them actually

and finally with double click activate your desired fields again as you need.

I got it, uff so redundant steps for such simple action(comparing to GWS)… thank you very much so helpfull for me.

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