How can i rotate two wheels?

Hi everyone

I’m trying to turn the 2 wheels in different directions.

I set the first one in this way to 15 per second. It turning clockwise(CW)

Also I set the second one in this way to 8 per second. It needs to rotate 8 px counterclockwise(CCW)

But the second one does not rotate on the device at the speed of 8. It working on GWS but when i run on reel device it doesnt work. It turning counterclockwise(CW) at the speed of 1

GWS Version: 2.0.0
Device: Galaxy Watch S3 Frontier

I could duplicate your behavior, counterclockwise does not seem to run faster than 1 * sec on the watch.

Please report this as a bug and ask that I be copied. I can add a simple project that shows this behavior on both sweep and normal. If you file the report you can track it.

Samsung Developer Program

Thank you, Ron.

I created a trial project and sent a ticket to the support team via the link you provided.
When the answer comes I will share it here.