Rotation CCW faster than 1 not possible?

Ive imported an image (as a seconds hand - sweep movement) for testing, set it to 10 (times) CW… rotation works perfectly fast. Than i imported an other image set rotation “speed” also to 10, but this time CCW…in the preview at GWS it shows a perfect 10 times fast rotation CCW. After sending it to the the Galaxy Watch 3 the speed was only 1 time CCW. Also with only one image in the watch all testing ended up with a 1time speed on the watch, while the speed in GWS is always as fast as i set it (10 to 30) So the preview in GWS differs from the final result on the watch. :cry:

Do you also have that problem? Is it a knowen bug? Or did i something wrong? :thinking:

KR Tom

Hi @CryoWatchmaker,
You didn’t do anything wrong and it is actually a known bug. In fact, it is already submitted to the support team and they are well aware of this issue.


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OK, thank you for that information. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: