Sending sms via web app?

Hello, is it possible to send SMS via web application? According google and it is possible only on mobile device, not directly on samsung watch?

But I dont seem problem when my Galaxy Watch has esim and can normally send sms without mobile device…


There is API to handle text messages in the Tizen SDK but on non-esim devices you will get Not Supported error code. I am not sure it will work even on esim based galaxy watch. Probably not.

Hi, there I have found these two article and I hope it will be helpful to you.

Hi there
Until a few months ago I had to use the sms theme a lot for work reasons, luckily this was left behind. I remember that I used the application that the androidcommunity colleague recommended to you at the beginning and it was going more or less well, but the subject of sms is something that very few people use, and it is clear that in this type of clocks it is already out of date. A greeting.

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I reply to myself:

It´s not possible via web app, only native app. I use Xamarin / Tizen in visual studio and this work:

    using Tizen.Messaging.Messages;
            var msg = new SmsMessage();
            var address = new MessagesAddress(smsNumber);
            msg.Text = smsText;

            var result = MessagesManager.SendMessageAsync(msg, false);
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