How can I use an old Tizen watch face on my WearOS watch?


I have bought about 5-6 years ago a very good watch face for my old Tizen watches. Everything worked perfectly until Samsung decided to switch to WearOS. My old watches are battery dead so I cannot use them anymore.

Here’s the original face :slight_smile:

I contacted the creator of the watch face but he wasn’t interested to migrate it to WearOS, because there are too many concurrent watch faces … as the title says, is there a way to use that old watch face from Tizen on my WearOS watch ? I would gladly pay for it again just to have it on my new watch too.

The main problem is that the current calendar events widget is way too simple and cannot accept any customization at all.

I would need :

  1. Time and date on top, small fonts, with black background.
  2. Two complications to be able to launch 2 apps.
  3. A battery circular indicator, around the screen.
  4. In the middle of the screen the calendar, as a big widget.
    The calendar should display the past event, current event and the next 2-3 events.
    The colors of the calendar must be the original Google calendar colors.
    The font type and size of the calendar should be set in the options, to increase readability.
  5. The face should have an always on theme, to display only the time and the current event in the middle of the screen.

I would buy such a watch face right now. Unfortunately there isn’t any.

Thank you for reading.

I would go the easier way and let to change battery in my watch if it was otherwise ok (did it twice meanwhile. For 50€ first time in the service workshop, for 20€ the other time by my self).