Recreating from this Tizen WF?


Recently I had to move from Tizen to WearOS, and watchfaces are not that great as they were on Tizen.

(World clock: city name is ellapsed on GW5 and was perfect on GWA2).

I decided to recreate (or find) this old (but best) WF: Premium Analog (Premium analog - Apps on Galaxy Store)

Is it by any chance available for WearOS? If not, can I download somewhere the resources for index, background, handles, etc?

Thank you!

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Premium Analog is from Samsung and is sort of available on Wear OS. You need to customize it to black background and such but missing several features.
I think the Tomcat watch face will start out much more to what you are looking for. It least it looks closer to me.

You can ask more on the Samsung Members Community or Reddit has an active wear os community.

Samsung Developer Relations

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