How do I developer key to keep developing my application

Good morning,

After the update to Samsung Health 6.11 I now need a Developer access code in order to keep working on an application I’ve working on, but I’m confused about how I can actually get a code.

I developer docs states “The access key is shared by Samsung Health team after a partnership approval.” but it also says that Samsung aren’t accepting new partnership applications - even if you were I understand an app needs fully tested before you can even apply for partnership. So I’m confused where to go next because of these contradictions.

I found this comment that says you can raise a support request, but every time I try and login I just get greeted with a notice saying “You recently updated your email in your Samsung Account. We’re updating our system with your new email. Please try again later.”. Now I changed my email over two weeks ago so I’ve no idea how long I’m supposed to wait before trying again?

Can you please offer any help or advice. I’ve been writing my open source application for the last two years and singing the praising of Samsung Health to anyone who’ll listen, but now I’m lost and don’t know how to get my app running again.


Hi Stuart,

Open a support request with Samsung Developer Program and it should be redirected to the Samsung Health team.

Samsung Developer Program

Thanks for the quick reply Ron.

When I try that link I’m asked to log in, then I’m presented with this page

Email Update

You recently updated your email in your Samsung Account. We’re updating our system with your new email. Please try again later.

I updated the email address on my Samsung Account over two weeks ago, how long is it supposed to take before I can raise a support request?

As you can imagine there’s a feeling of urgency to this as I can do nothing now until I can start testing my app again.


I have the same problem,
I wanna use samsung health in my application and I don’t have any access code, in this link I sent a ticket yesterday, the structure of create request for getting access code is not clear and I didn’t get an answer from sasmsung developer support team.
What should I do?
We should send our package name?

Hi Stuart,

sign into

If you aren’t a member of Samsung Developer Program you may have to sign up.


Usually you get a response from Samsung developer support within 24 hours on business days. However there is only an auto-generated response if you submit on weekends.

Samsung Developer Program

Hi Ron,

Sorry I’m getting the exact same problem, when going directly to and login I still get redirected to the same “Email Update” page.

What can I do? I know I need to contact someone on the Samsung Health team, but what can I do if I cant get logged in to raise a support request?

I’ll contact you in private message. I’ll see if I can contact the site team to see if they can fix this.

(long shot) you to sign in an incognito window it it works it may be a corrupted browser data.

Samsung Developer Program