How do I extract watch faces from my watch?

I want examine my watch’s watch faces so I can learn from them in watch face studio, but I don’t know how to get those watch faces onto my PC. How do I extract the watch faces from my watch face and onto my PC as a .wfs file?

You can’t .wfs is a project file. You can’t disassemble or reverse engineer to a project.

Play with Watch Face Studio for a while and you will probably figure it out. You can look at the samples and blogs and tutorials to help too.

Samsung Developer Relations

Is there any way to access the watch faces on my watch on my PC? Like a way to convert it into any file, or some way to open it directly from studio or something like that.

There is always some way to do this but nothing practical. And no way to do it with Samsung Tools.

Samsung Developer Relations

Even if there a way some stuff his trade secret :slight_smile:

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Yeah everyone keeps their cards close to their chest here, especially when it comes to actually publishing faces on Google Play. A great place to look at the guts of watch faces is Facer and even Watchmaker. A lot of makers leave their faces unlocked in Facer so you can really get into the guts of them. The community in Facer is the only good thing about it (lots of help there), and of course, learning how to make watch faces too. After you have an understanding of how it all works, the coding principles themselves are pretty much all the same on any platform. It’s just a matter of syntax once you get good enough. Anyway, that’s where I would go if I am just starting out.