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Hi, I currently have an account with Facer Watch Face Creator. I have designed several faces. Some published on the site/app and some in my Facer library. I am interested in opening a Samsung Watch Face Studio account. My question is can you transfer complete faces I have created in Facer over to Samsung? I would like more attention given to my work which Facer has seemed to come up short on. I attach a link to my Watch Face Library to look over. Thank You, Scott.

Hello, I am sorry to bring bad news, but Samsung’s platforms wont fulfill any of your goals.
There is no automated way to import your web-browser-based faces into GWS nor WFS. You would have to use your custom resource files (images of whatever elements like bgr, hands, fonts etc) and insert them in new project (you would have to find or make from scratch substitutes for those premade ones)
Your faces wont get better exposure on galaxy store, which is curently closed, invite only club (you would have to pass worthiness test to get the privilege of publishing), nor on play store, which has exposure based on searches (the more people search for your faces, the more promotion you get)

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Understanding the limitations of being published you can download Watch Face Studio (for Galaxy Watch 4 and 5) or Galaxy Watch Studio for Tizen (Gear S3, Sport, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active2 and Galaxy Watch3) and use them without any special account.

Hey give it a try.

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