How do I modify the text color?

Seven themes were rejected due to this issue. What should I fix?

You can see this on the 2nd screen of the calculator tab in the GTS tool.

I don’t have GTS up, but right click on the text and it will show you where the colors come from.

Rejected due to dark mode… :sob:
I’m very confused.

Color source is from Calculator - Unit Converter - Background Color.

IF you have set that color as a dark (or another color) but it shows up white in validation tests it’s a bug and there’s nothing you can do on your end (except completely ruin your color scheme to workaround the GTS bugs - which you shouldn’t do). You can submit this bug from an 1:1 inquiry through the Seller Portal with detailed explanation.

This bug is actually fully not-fixable. It’s only in dark mode, which we cannot even change with themes.

I think this particular one was fixed with the w2 editor, so just re-export / re-submit your theme and you’ll be okay.