I'm not sure if these changes that I made will fix this theme's issue

Hi, I just got a theme rejected and I don’t know for sure what I’m supposed to change to fix it, visibility check on GTS couldn’t find the issue that has been reported. This is what I changed so far to see if it can fix the issue

Common> Color > “Primary Color”
Common> SmartTip> “Background Color”

This was the Review Result Report that I got before I did the changes I mentioned above:

Drop of readability of button, icon, text.
*Settings version: 13


  1. Install and apply theme
  2. Display / Edge panels
    3 .Check “Looking for something else”

[Expected Result]
Readability of button, icon, text should be good.
[Test Device Info]
Detected Device: SM-F936B_TM, SW Version: F936BXXU1BVJL

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I previously had the same issue, the short explanation is that it’s not your fault.

GTS does not provide enough previews for the UI (or at least this one in particular) but besides that, this is also some sort of a bug since this particular UI element uses the wrong color sources from the theme.

I have reported it through an iquiry, it will most likely be fixed in future versions of GTS (ETA: several weeks/months until it’s fixed)

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Appears to be a Fold issue, if you want to get your theme approved now, remove the Fold binaries.

Then you can go back and update the theme later when the bug is fixed.


I didn’t realize that there could be an actual bug here at first, but ok, I did what you recommended and removed the foldable devices for now.

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This is why I wrote my own visibiltiy checker; it checks for all the rejections I’ve had that the tool doesn’t catch, but the Fold is still an issue. If I had the patience to learn how to package it I could ditribute it :slight_smile:

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