How do I test my app if Samsung blockchain keystore is not available in my country?

We have an app connected to the Samsung blockchain keystore but in our country Samsung S10 devices do not have blockchain keystore. Is there an image of the Samsumg S10 that I can use to test from android studio?

Currently there is no image of the Samsumg S10 that you can use to test from android studio.

Original thread is HERE

It seems the only consistent answer thus far is to buy the device from a supported region. However, it is good to check the remote lab for updates to their testable devices.

This is unacceptable for small international development teams.

That thread I posted was from the old forum and a bit dated, I think there is a solution.

There was not a simple solution the Blockchain Keystore is loaded on the device and can not be downloaded.
There is only one way, you have to get the device from the supported country

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