Samsung Blockchain Keystore on S20

I bought a new S20 yesterday. I cannot find the Keystore app. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

I’ve gone to Settings > Biometrics and Security > Samsung Blockchain Keystore. I used that process to create a wallet. Once done with that process, I am unable to find any Keystore app.

I’ve tried to search for it on the Galaxy Store and the Play Store. There are no search results for the “Samsung Blockchain Wallet”, or the “Samsung Blockchain Keystore”. I’ve searched every combination of those words.

Since this is advertised as a default app for the S20, I decided to check my list of default apps listed in the permission manager list. (Settings > Apps), and I see it is there. It is downloaded. But I cannot locate the app anywhere on my phone.

I’ve searched in the “Secure Folder”, and in every place I can touch.

Please help me find the Samsung Blockchain Keystore app on my S20.

Samsung Blockchain Keystore is not supported in every country, What country are you in, I can see if that is supported. SBK is built into the device and is not a downloadable app.

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