Access Keystore of a remote device Samsung S10 US version from Anydesk

I’m accessing a device remotely through Anydesk for development purposes. I require to access the Blockchain Keystore of Samsung S10 US version from anydesk application. I’m able to access all the features other than the Blockchain Keystore. Whenever I try to open the Keystore, it shows a black screen.

Also, I’m not able to install apks transferred through anydesk application from my desktop to the Samsung device. I’m not even able to open it via the file browser. It show the error message “can not open file”

Please help me with a way out of it.

An urgent reply would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hello agg1582522203,

  1. Samsung Blockchain Keystore uses a Trusted User Interface for security reasons. Hence when you try to open the Keystore, it shows a black screen. So you will not be able to use Samsung Blockchain Keystore remotely.
  2. There are multiple reasons why you are unable to open the apk files you transferred. For example, the apk files might be corrupted. I would like to recommend you to transfer the apk files via a USB
    connection and try again.

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Shuvo Saha
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