S10e incompatible

This page confirms my phone (SM-G970F/DS) is compatible:

However Galaxy Store (in Web browser) is listing Samsung Blockchain Keystore as incompatible.

Galaxy store app just doesn’t show the app at all.

Attempting to install from Web browser opens Store app and results in the error:

"This content isn’t compatible with your phone

Report error code:


Attempting to download Blockchain Wallet has following error:


Last 12 digits of error code change each time.

I have already attempted to get help through Samsung support channels but they have no idea. I have already tried deleting cache/data of Galaxy Store. Phone has Android 11 and latest updates. My phone and region is on the compatible list. What is causing this error?

Very slow device compatibility process. I don’t understand why Verizon doesn’t step in and help Visible at the very least with this issue.