How do I use the timeline in WFS?

When I open up the timeline, I cannot move anything nor disable/enable a line.

You can enable a line if you double press on a line. If you select a line on which a condition is already applied then on your right click you get a option for delete.

Thanks for the reply.
And how can I not show one asset from 12 am to 6am like shown in the picture??

Select a component add condition for all time except 12h to 18h. You can select every hour/minute/second time slot for any specific component.

Could you maybe elaborate further? I am unable to add a condition in this screen

First delete the lines which already are present. You can delete if you right click on these lines. Then double press on a portion you will see this portion will be selected. You can select every short portion of this line(0h to 24h)

See these thread may be this will help you

Is your issue solved or you still facing problem?

I’m so sorry for this late reply, I didn’t get the notification properly and i didn’t yet try it. I’ll get back to you

Yes, the issue is now resolved.
Thanks for all of your help!

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It’s okay. No need to feel sorry.

Wow great :+1:

Welcome. Have a great day :blush:

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