Timeline Issues - How does this thing work? 😕

Hey all, me again.

So, I am NO stranger to timeline editing and have been doing it since my days of creating Flash animations. But for the life of me, I can not figure out even where to START in WFS.

I have an image that I want to scroll across the screen, and two other images down the screen, at specific times of the day.


  • IMAGE 1 is at position x0-y0 from 0:00 to 0:59
  • MOVE image to x0-y100 at 0:59 to 1:00
    THAT IS: The image is stationary for 59 minutes and then moves the 100 pixels during the last minute.
  • REPEAT for all 24 hours
  • REPEAT for the other two IMAGES except that IMAGE two moves every 59 SECONDS and IMAGE 3, moves continuously for one minute, then resets to its starting position.

On the MOVING of the image: Is this done with TEXT entries in the X|Y fields, or by DRAGGING the image to the desired location? Or both?

I hope that that is enough info.


Looks like I picked a difficult topic since no one has posted a thorough timeline tutorial for me to look over. :smile:

Maybe said tut does not exist? And if so, it would be AMAZING and extremely helpful if someone, anyone, would create and publish one.

As I mentioned: I know how (and have done) frame animation in Flash and Photoshop. I also do video and audio editing in Resolve, Acid Studio, and others, so the concept is well understood. But in here, I’m just stuck.

Maybe @r.liechty_SDP (or others) as an expert, can part the clouds of confusion and illuminate the timeline landscape for all to enjoy? :grin:

The timeline allows you to set layers visible or invisible during specified periods. But has nothing to do with making the animations work, there you can either insert a sequence of images, or make an image move or rotate using expressions with tags…
If you only have trouble with using the time line to set loop, check my short example clip here:

If you need help with the animating (setting the movements of images) it self, that is something different.

I think it can be done without using the WFS timeline. Trouble is that the transition will not look smooth.
Try add expression like this into the placement coordinate y:

Yep, that is EXACTLY what I need. The three images that I need to move, will be VISIBLE the entire time.

  • A STATIC HOUR image sits in position one for 59 minutes of an HOUR
  • OVER the last minute, it moves X pixels UP and then stops at 0 (the beginning of the NEXT HOUR).
  • STATIC for the next 59 minutes, then move another X pixels UP. This is done until all 24H 59M have passed, then the image RETURNS to its starting position to start the process again.

The same is done for the MINUTES, except that instead of it moving once per hour, it moves once per MINUTE.

For SECONDS, the IMAGE moves CONSTANTLY over the entire minute, then resets to its START position and repeats.


• • • • • EDIT • • • • • •

Ok, I got the images to move on 00 - that is, at the head of the hour/minute/second. The seconds are not smooth, but I don’t think that is possible in the version of the SW - which is a bummer. Hopefully soon.

Here is what I had to go with. Notice that the (-) in front of the brackets are on purpose, as I need the image to scroll UP or to the LEFT

Hour Movement
IN Y PLACEMENT = -[HOUR_0_11]*124.8

Minute Movement

Second Movement
IN X PLACEMENT = -[SEC]*33.348

Now, (I guess) all I need is the code to have the image literally HOLD until the last MINUTE/SECOND then move the correct distance.

@Jakia.Sultana, Do you know of a way to do this? Have an image move across the screen smoothly over a given time frame?