Timeline issues

I created a watch face for Galaxy S3 where I used the timeline to light up an image every second as the second hand.
But I really can’t figure out how to do this i WFS. Do I really have to design every minute for all 24 hrs???
or am I approaching this the wrong way in WFS?
The component I used is Index… the same as in GWD.

Any suggestions??

I think I understand in GWS there is an Index Setting for the number of index markers
GWS Index Setting
In WFS open Index default folder and it includes a sub folder “Stick”
Select one of those and then use the same settings you need to scroll down

If you want to highlight one use one stick index and rotate it using the [SEC] tag

If I misunderstood can you be a bit more descriptive.


I might bee doing this wrong but this is the style of the watch face in GWS.
Every second a red dot lights up until all is lit up and a new minute starts over.
Each brighter dot is the image that I’ve controlled with the timeline in GWS with a loop thats a minute.
But I can not figure out how to replicate this in WFS.

Show Hide Timeline
show hide timeline

bottom Right is second minute hour setting

is that what you were looking for?


I dont know yet how to spread the loop on whole minute in WFS, but why not replace the 60 layers with just 4? two masks with 60 holes (smaller and bigger) and dim colour background and full colour circular progress bar, that grows with [SEC] tag?

Hello Ron,
I tried it and the problem I was stuck with was the slider on the left side. For some reason it did not allow me to slide within the scale set on right side, so it was not possible to display (and select) more than first 23s. I even tried to write in the time manually, but the focus did not change.

I found out the conditional line can be stretched, but it still did not let me select more than 48s to make changes.

Yes, I see it. I’ll report it.


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But doesn’t that slider just adjust the zoom level in the time line?
Regardless of this slider the loop goes for 24hrs?

Interesting approach!

The slider just expands it rather than having to scroll
The change from hours to minutes to second is at the bottom
Yes it will loop for 24 hours if you have a dot for a second it will show that same dot a particular second of every minute for 24 hours

Apparently you are supposed to hold the shift key and use the mouse scroll bar to move it. I could not find this documented anywhere and it is very tricky to do you have to position on the slider at the bottom and then hold the shift and turn the mouse. I reported it not being documented as a bug.

Yes it will loop for 24 hours if you have a dot for a second it will show that same dot a particular second of every minute for 24 hours

I was wrong it you select loop it loops for the rest of the day. I reported this as a bug. Lets see what they say.


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This sounds very “intuitive”, like half the things in android, where I never know if there are some dots or bars or spots that have to be tapped or held pressed to do something :slight_smile: