Watch Face Studio import gwd not working

I have the original tpk file but in Watch Face Studio not working all my work is destroyed :

Watch Face Studio:

How i fix the lyers to work like in GalaxyWatchStudio to show in min?
There is no video to show how to work with timeline in Watch Face Studio why??

we were told there will be tutorial videos similar to those for GWD, but I could not find many earlier. Maybe it was improved meanwhile. Check this page:

The original guide is not very detailed. Back in times I used to play with WFS, I made short video, but it is more focused on the specific loop feature of the timeline. Maybe it will help you a bit before someone points you to right direction.


hello Peter , I tried something like this but it didn’t work, I have 60 png that I have to hide/show every min, maybe I skipped something, I will try again, thanks for the reply.

When I see your example image, I cant find either minutes or seconds. But if you only want those 7 visible numbers to simulate a column sliding up, it can be done with just 7 text fields with expressions.


The problem is loop not working like in Galaxy Watch Studio after apply loop all png are overlapping.

If i remove loop everything ok,but it must be repeated how to make it work?

I think this is a bug I am having an issue with setting conditional lines too.

My advice is just use tags for the opacity of the minutes/ seconds until the next release of WFS. The next release is expected this spring.

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Thanks for the reply Ron, wow the new update is good news I can’t wait to try it.

This was not a bug, I just wasn’t doing it correctly.
How to loop on timeline
NOTE: only 40 seconds or minutes show on the timeline. You can click on the timeline press shift and scroll mouse button to move the timeline forward or back.

show hide timeline
Set to seconds in minutes
Set Timeline for seconds in minutes
Select first 30 seconds

Select Full minute b sure to start at zero then at end sport then right click to loop
3a-select first full minute and loop

Same with second half minute

Note: you can only see this working for the full 24 hours in Preview Window. Moving the timeline indicator for conditions does not work.

Tested on Watch works correctly

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Thanks Ron i will try this way.

HI Ron i update Watch Face Studio to the last version and the loop work good the only problem is build filed image file does not exist:

[1.3.13][21/04/202319:42:04][IpcMainImpl.(rodListener.js:58)] run on device start
[1.3.13][21/04/202319:42:04][C:\Program(BuildShared.js:394)] C:\Users\bruca\AppData\Local\Temp.WatchFaceStudio\88545076059872198726176155156534\res\drawable-nodpi\wfs_gold_89ca14c6_2fa2_45e8_8b83_909d6a48792c.png does not exist.
[1.3.13][21/04/202319:42:04][C:\Program(BuildShared.js:394)] C:\Users\bruca\AppData\Local\Temp.WatchFaceStudio\88545076059872198726176155156534\res\drawable-nodpi\wfs_num_24747ec9_b557_43e7_ab0f_7d257c94d451.png does not exist.
[1.3.13][21/04/202319:42:04][C:\Program(BuildShared.js:394)] C:\Users\bruca\AppData\Local\Temp.WatchFaceStudio\88545076059872198726176155156534\res\drawable-nodpi\wfs_batticon_571758a8_fb6d_4439_b3bc_4dda72c61430.png does not exist.
[1.3.13][21/04/202319:42:04][C:\Program(rodListener.js:90)] shared build not complete
[1.3.13][21/04/202319:42:04][C:\Program(rodListener.js:98)] undefined

To make it work, I put 3 transparent images with the name from the given error, but it is not true, there is no need for those images, it is a software error.

I understand the issue I think you could back up the project file, then rename the .wfs file as a zip file and find where it is referenced and delete it there.