It is possible to open app without user interaction?


I have an app that measure your BPM (and other stuff like inactivity…) and I have my own notification page. Simply if your BPM is over the range or you are few minutes inactivity or you take off your watch = notification page shows up → make sound → make vibrate and start timer from 30 second to 0. There is button and you can cancel this notification. This work perfect when you have opened this app and you are looking at it (or if you leave it and screen goes to clock´s screen and you turn your wrisp - this app is shows up).

There is one problem. If you click home button on your watch and you are on “home” screen when you see other apps or you go to other app, other settings (whatever) - my app is still on background and still measure your BPM. When you are over the limit - I can hear sound and vibrate (so my notification page is opened and started counting down…) BUT my app is still on background. I, as user, need click on icon app to open it and see the notification page.

I need somehow force open my app when my notifications shows up. Simply something like this:

if this app is not visible (not on screen) - open this app.

It is possible to do it…?

I think I found solution by myself :slight_smile:

    public void OpenMyApp()
        AppControl appControl = new AppControl();
        appControl.ApplicationId = "";

or you can use Alerts API to open app in some time or date