How is this Possible

Hey guys, i have a question… I want to add Weather with Foot steps/Heart rate… But Galaxy Watch Designer say “its not Possible”
But other Watches have “Weather and Foot steps or Heart rate”

Here you can see what i mean…


This is my watch

I hope someone can help me.

I guess, the watchface you refer to, was not made using GWD, or the icon on top does not represent weather. In the store you can also find watchfaces made using tizen studio or using facer. That is what I wonder how is it possible - to sell there something made by third party program.

The particular watch you pointed out does not do Weather it only has Day Night icons. You can do Weather but not health with Tizen Studio. You can do Weather and access the sensor data to create your own Health with Tizen Studio if you use Native code.

The Apps that are built with 3rd party tools and use companion apps are currently allowed if Samsung when they are for sale or have Samsung In App Purchasing.

Samsung Developer Program

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This is made in Facer not in GWD.
Samsung has been trying to incorporate this in GWD, but is still working on
some licensing issues
Hopefully we should be getting this sooner than later

I stand corrected you can make it in GWD , the cloud icon is just an app short cut for the weather app
it should work

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Yes, I thought so. I do not wonder why (because Samsung decided to allow it), but how is it done. Could not find it documented anywhere.

I believe the watch faces that are on the store have to be stand-alone and not require a companion app or they wouldn’t be approved for sale. If you find one that is please let me know I couldn’t find one that did.

The Android app have a companion app on the watch. That watch app is a shell app and not a “watch face”. They are tested because you have to provide a deeplink to the companion app when you upload them to the seller portal.

Samsung Developer Program

True, I cant no longer find a watchface saying it needs a companion app.
So does that mean no mater what program was used to create .tpk or .wpk file, main thing is it can run on the watch? Then I have to ask on facer forum how do they do export such files.