Creating watchfaces from scratch - where are the "complications"?

I installed GW Studio because the built-in watch faces cannot be customized adequately.
I’m trying to duplicate the “Basic Dashboard” watchface as a starting point.

I have the time display, the date, and the battery easily configured.

But where is weather? Just the simple current temperature?
And the Notifications?
I’ve looked through the menus and can’t find them. The tutorial shows text complications such as a temperature, but temperature is not among the options in GW Studio under the Text object.
What am I missing?

Thanks for the pointer. I have installed the API key, but still I can’t access temperature or weather from the Text object. The weather objects are grayed out and say “this feature cannot be used with below features” and there is a list of basically all health features that are excluded. However on my my watchface I have removed all health features. I have nothing on the face but Time, Date, and AM/PM indicator. And still Weather is not available. Why?

OK, I found a bunch of invisible objects down in the layer table that were linked to health functions. I deleted all of them, and now I can finally add a temperature.

This restriction seems arbitrary and petty. I’m not into the health functions that much, but I’m sure for some people they are a big reason they bought the watch. Why should the user have to choose between health functions and having the weather? If I was a health fanatic, I’d also be even more interested in weather!

I’ve got weather, now I’m on to duplicating the Notification reminder setting as used in the Basic Dashboard watchface.

Where do I find this in GW Studio?

When I look at Complications / Custom, why is nothing there? Do I need to download or install them?

Only Tizen Studio. in GWS it is not.

It confuses me too. But only the developer can answer this. GWS.

Health and Weather can not be used together no even using Tizen Studio (Samsung Health is not a public API). Galaxy Watch Studio doe not have a license to access the preinstalled Weather so it relies on a 3rd party weather API. However, that is not compatible with the way Health and Tags are implemented.

Preinstalled watch faces are part of the system software and as such have access to things that do not have a public API or are Samsung only. Notifications is one of those things.

So for Weather and Health just create a button that opens the weather app.

For reminders you probably need to develop that using a second app on mobile. The watch reminder used outlook on your mobile you can’t set those from your watch.

GWS is designed for use by designers with little or no knowledge of programming for watch face designs not for application development.

I hope that explains why there are limitations.

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How can I implement this? GWS is not allowed, Tizen is not. How I can? Do I have to work at Samsung for this? Sorry, but your story about the incompatibility of weather and notifications sounds like nonsense.

I think you can do this with Mr Time and possibly another 3rd party watch design tool. They basically run an emulator on the watch and load it from an app on your phone.

The notifications require a 3rd party app(Outlook) on your mobile. If you thought it was notifications like a text message, that is part of the system settings.

Weather and Health may be possible in a future version of GWS it is a matter of licensing the preinstalled weather app.

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