How to add Sweep effect similar to seconds hand to an animation image sequence?

Hi, I am new here and is experimenting with watch face studio.

How can I add add “Sweep” effect similar to “seconds hand” to an animation added in the face using tags under “Rotate > Angle”?

I am adding avideo for reference.

Right now I am using this as the “Tag”


I want the frog to move smoothly like the seconds hand.

Thanks for any help.

Do use (round([SEC_MSEC]*6)) or put picture as second hand

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It’s still not perfectly smooth though. I think that’s the best it can get!

So add picture as second hand with sweep move options

Yes, I know about that.

I was trying to add some animations as the hand. For animations, this is the only option I could find.

Oh, I understand. I forgot, that this is animations. So I don’t know to help you. Sorry

That’s fine. At least that I got something that came close to it.

Do you think I can ask this as a feature here in the watch-face-studio-feature-requests-3rd-quarter?

I am not sure if its already possible!

Do you think I can ask this as a feature

You can ask.

Just a shot in the dark but you could add a multimedia as a ring/Index

Samsung Developer Relations

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If you want to rotate them perfectly together, then you can set the second hand’s update frequency to 10Hz. It loses some smoothness of sweep movement, but can get a synchronized movement.

By multimedia you meant normal images right? I tried adding gif format, although its an option available to choose from, Its not supported.

Thanks, found it.

That just makes both of them look bad. I had to set the sweep to 5hz to almost match it. But they never sync with each other.