How to add Weather complication with different style for AOD?

I wish to add a weather complication to my WF.

It’s working only after user selects the weather, as I can’t select it from the “Default provider” list.

Now, I’m focusing on AOD screen, and wish to NOT hide it, just make it a little darker.

To do this I’ve created a copy:
1.) Original Weather comp, #FFFFFF, hidden on AOD
2.) Copy Weather comp, #AAAAAA, hidden on Normal

Emulator it works OK, however on real device it isn’t: user can’t select the provider for the “Copy Weather Comp”, because he can’t see it in configuration.

So my question: how can I hardcode the Weather as default provider for a complication with icon and text (icon + temperature in degree)?

If this is not possible, how can I make a complication darker in AOD without copying it?

Hi. No need to create copy of it. Just leave first one visible on AOD and and place some semi transparent black rectangle above it.


Perfect, thank you very much!