How to associate image with day of the week

Hello, I’m new to this platform.

I want to link an image that changes with the changing of the day, example:

image 1 represents Sunday
image 2 represents Monday

I wish to know how to do it and formula for this

thank you for helping me

you don’t need to any formula, just used bitmap font.

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Thank you for the alternative solution @isacwatch1

In this case i created and modified the day’s word in CorelDraw with shadow effect and curving text then i converted it to png format. @adrianrogalski told me the formula, Thanks Adrian!

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There is a catch… Europe and America have different calendars
If you use a Date component
[DAY_WEEK_S] short day abbreviation
[DAY_WEEK] Number
and sync to device they will reflect the local calendar You can bitmap [DAY_WEEK] for numbers 1 - 7
so Sun = 1 - Sat=7 for Americas and Korea and some pacific countries
or Mon=1 - Sunday=7 for Eu and most other countries
Arabic is Sat =1 to Fri =7 I believe.
You can not bitmap the day abbreviations because they will be in the local language.

If you use a text box and bitmap that then
Will always be Sun = 1 even in Europe.

Samsung Developer Relations

Can we not lock the text field to single language, lets say to US english, and use that fixed form of abbreviations for bitmapfont?

Hi Ron @r.liechty_SDP
Thanks for your feedback. For this case i’ve bitmap the day set in English Sun=1 - Sat=7. Do i allowed to do this?

Yes when the Date component is set to American English not UK English it will have 1 = Sunday.

Samsung Developer Relations

Looks like I didn’t finish my sentence. If they are a text box (not the date component) then there is no translation nor local calendar the tag returns 1 for Sunday … only.


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