Icon for each day of the week separately

Tell me how to make the icon for each day of the week highlighted on a specific day? I tried doing it with text and tried working with image transparency [DAY_WEEK]. But I got nothing. With the data for the battery, everything turned out, but with the days of the week it does not want to work in any way.

Welcome to this forum. Please try to use bitmap font for doing this.

Hello, you can use bitmap font, like already mentioned before - check this thread: How is it possible in watch face studio to make week days function?
Or you can play with text opacity like we discussed here: Opacity vs day
Or you can use use mask for that.

Lets have one violet text SU MO TU WE TH FR SA (best evenly spaced using monotype font)

  1. make a white duplicate of it above the violet one.
  2. place rectangle, that could cover just one of the days abbreviations, right in front of the text. (mine was 39x55 at 54,256)
  3. select the top text layer and the rectangle above it, right click and use mask command from the menu.
  4. make the masking rectangle wander one portion of the whole text length a day using expression for the placement coordination X (mine was like this:

The same goes for bitmap fonts. Formula doesn’t work. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

I tested this formula [BATT_PER] > 50? 100: 0 on the example of battery transparency and it works.

But for some reason it does not work with the same formula for the day of the week [DAY_WEEK] = 2? 100: 0

But as an option I tried it and it turned out to use the method with the message below and everything worked out. But all the same, I would like the formula to work with the day of the week for any text or images, as I tried.

Thank you very much you are a genius!

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