How is it possible in watch face studio to make week days function?

How is it possible in watch face studio to make weekdays function as shown in the image? Kindly advise :slight_smile:
Screenshot 2023-06-12 214218


There are lots of ways to do this Using Tags to show or hide an image is one You would need 7 images and depending on the day of week
so on Opacity for the color use the tag
[DAY_WEEK] == 1 ? 100 : 0
then it shows only on Sunday

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You will have to prepare several Graphics . The Whole array and separate one for each day in the reversed colours . The appropriate day will be placed in the correct position above the Array . In the Colour For that image you will have ((([DAY_WEEK])=1)?100:0) which means if the day of the week is Sunday then show colour at 100 Percent otherwise show nothing . You have to make sure that the Default number in the box is 0 . So you will do that for each day of the week . 1 to 7 .
Well you see this is How I would do it . As with all these things there are other ways .
BTW you do not have to use any () that is just me . Helps me to sort things out .

Thank you for your support, really appreciated.

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Really Thank you for the support :blush:.

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Another way would be to use those 7 images for creating a bitmap font assigning them to separate day numbers.

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thank you , would you please explain further about how to do that assignment ?

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You will make text field with tag [DAY_WEEK], it will return number of the day in week (1-7)

Then check the tick to activate bitmap font (I think link to the bitmap font tutorial was in your other thread).

Then assign prepared image of the whole strip of letters (this you have to make in graphic tool like photoshop, gimp or even MS powerpoint is good option for such simple images) to according letter.
Something like this for each digit from 1 to 7:


You really were a great help with this , thanks for the effort

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do u have an example for how to do it pls? I created 7 images and put it as u did. . and I added the code Day code the week. ((([DAY_WEEK])=1)?100:0).
no changes yet. all the same colours and nothing happening yet.
thank you for ur help, if u can.

Are you ready to slap your forehead?

A good way to remember this is 2 equal signs means “equal to”

Also be sure to remove the Default 100 that is put in the opacity setting.

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thank you so much,
but where do u put this code please.
I’m just a beginner… thank you.
that’s why I asked for an example how to be done.
thnx again
I do really appreciated.

Actually that is a very good question because it is not obvious or documented very well.

For the images there is a color setting and next to that is where the opacity is. This is set to 100 by default
Click on that 100 and the tags button shows up
That opens a dialog box where you can search for or if you know them enter the tag

So for each color image you have you use an if else code with the question mark for the if and colon for the else
([DAY_WEEK])==1 ? 100 : 0 if that is true you set it for 100 else make the opacity zero

While the tags for old Galaxy Watch Designer and how you pop up the tag box, I think the tutorial for GWS tags is very useful in understanding tags.

Make sure you remove the default 100% opacity after you create the tag it is very easy to forget to do.

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Thank you so much for ur help. I will give a try…

Can I use Texts for the day of the week instead of images?
I did try both codes it wouldn’t work and I took the 100 off. to zero.
is it because I’m using texts instead?

thnx again

is it because I’m using texts instead?
No it probably is because you are looking at the work window instead of the preview window.

Can I use Texts for the day of the week instead of images?
Sure Create 7 text boxes and put one on top of the other and again change the opacity of the color
([DAY_WEEK] ==1) ? 100 : 0
([DAY_WEEK] ==2) ? 100 : 0
([DAY_WEEK] ==3) ? 100 : 0
([DAY_WEEK] ==4) ? 100 : 0
([DAY_WEEK] ==5) ? 100 : 0
([DAY_WEEK] ==6) ? 100 : 0
([DAY_WEEK] ==7) ? 100 : 0

but if you are doing Text
the just the Text box has this tag in the text box
_S is the 3 character abbreviation.

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Why wouldnt work for image? Method

Does it work in the preview? If its does ,think u need to delete the images and redo. Then push to watch again

Did you type the code exactly as in

(([DAY_WEEK])==1) ? 100 : 0

Posted by Ron. Meaning sure no mistakes?

Also like ron said are u looking at the right window

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I just wanna thank you so much for the help. Really do appreciated.
no … my eyes always on the preview and on my galaxy watch 6 installation…
I just wanna say your idea did worked, it did show the right day.
but my idea to spread Mon… to Sunday the rest of the week with low opacity. if that’s possible!
I don’t wanna put the texts of the days on the top of each other. I just wanna spread them with lower opacity if possible please.
and then I’m gonna put progress bar below it and let it moves according to the day of the week, but I haven’t succeeded up to now. won’t it move.
Sorry for the trouble.
thank you so much again.

Are u saying not just hide the rest of the days? Easiest is to have 7 images designed with photoshop or image editor…

E.g image one: shows all days but only sunday is 100% the rest low opacity.

Image 2: shows all days but only monday is 100% the rest low opacity.

Then use above formula to do the same


Play with this instead

((([DAY_WEEK])==1) ? 100 : 50)

sorry I was trying to answer someone else…
the whole idea is creating text for the day of the week and only one does show and the rest are in lower opacity…

@lebanoncedars can you explain with screenshots what the issue. why the opacity is not working for u?

The formula should work for your case.

I know u answering ron…but i can help to if u want:)

Since i am awake

this example i did monday to wednesday only.
sunday = 1 btw
Monday = 2

And so on

For progress bar to move , you need to either tag expression in the value field of range setting if u using the progress bar element

Or position and width of the bar

formula I used for the progress bar is ([DAY_WEEK]*10)
meaning moving 10 points per day of the week. btw max value of the bar is set at 70