How is it possible in watch face studio to make week days function?

How is it possible in watch face studio to make weekdays function as shown in the image? Kindly advise :slight_smile:
Screenshot 2023-06-12 214218


There are lots of ways to do this Using Tags to show or hide an image is one You would need 7 images and depending on the day of week
so on Opacity for the color use the tag
[DAY_WEEK] == 1 ? 100 : 0
then it shows only on Sunday

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You will have to prepare several Graphics . The Whole array and separate one for each day in the reversed colours . The appropriate day will be placed in the correct position above the Array . In the Colour For that image you will have ((([DAY_WEEK])=1)?100:0) which means if the day of the week is Sunday then show colour at 100 Percent otherwise show nothing . You have to make sure that the Default number in the box is 0 . So you will do that for each day of the week . 1 to 7 .
Well you see this is How I would do it . As with all these things there are other ways .
BTW you do not have to use any () that is just me . Helps me to sort things out .

Thank you for your support, really appreciated.

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Really Thank you for the support :blush:.

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Another way would be to use those 7 images for creating a bitmap font assigning them to separate day numbers.

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thank you , would you please explain further about how to do that assignment ?

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You will make text field with tag [DAY_WEEK], it will return number of the day in week (1-7)

Then check the tick to activate bitmap font (I think link to the bitmap font tutorial was in your other thread).

Then assign prepared image of the whole strip of letters (this you have to make in graphic tool like photoshop, gimp or even MS powerpoint is good option for such simple images) to according letter.
Something like this for each digit from 1 to 7:


You really were a great help with this , thanks for the effort

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