How to change Complication Color depending on General/AOD status?

Hi, Guys
This time I’m making a clock with a white background.
I added a Complication there, but it wasn’t visible so I changed the Complication color to black.
However, in AOD mode, there is a problem where the complication is not visible due to the black background.

So, when in AOD state, I want the Complication color to be white.

Is there no way?

I dont know, but if two conditions are met, it could be done.
A) Can there be duplicate of complication?
B) Can the color of complicaton be adjusted?

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A) Can there be duplicate of complication?
==> Google doesn’t allow it. If upload it to Google, it rejected.

B) Can the color of complicaton be adjusted?
==> Adjusted in that area.

Ok, no luck, but maybe another option. I cant test it now, but
c) can the same complication be used as mask for two colorfull images?

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The complication cannot be masked :frowning:

Duplicate complication slot but different complication provider. Will google accept?

Then you can do a hide and unhide to show the colour u want

There alot of watch faces in google.that use same complication slots…i can use 2 same provider also.
E.g 2 x battery…

Screenshot of watch face from google play

But be creative set it as different default complication first

As long as the tag expressions feature is not available in the color input, it is very difficult to change the complication color based on normal or aod conditions. Hopefully the next version will have a tag like [IS_AOD], so to change the color just add ([IS_AOD]>0?#FFFFFF:#000000) :sweat_smile:


The use of complications in AoD mode is sub-optimal and gives a bad user experience.

If you have a unique complication slot for the AOD there is no way to change a complication in AOD mode

If you show the same complication in interactive mode as ambient mode it may be a battery drain in ambient mode giving a bad user experience

There is a memory limit for Ambient mode and showing complications in AOD mode could be memory usage concern

Bottom line is use complication slots in AOD mode carefully if at all unless they are for your own personal use.

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