How to change the shape of the dialer in the Watch face studio

Hi I am using Oppo watch and it seems watch face studio has only circle dialer shape available. I tried to find the way to change the shape but I didn’t find any option. anyone can please help me?

Hello Aman,

Try the following steps for changing the canvas option,

  1. Press Open Main Menu
  2. Project->Settings->Uncheck the Canvas Circle press OK
  3. Open Run Preview Window
  4. In the upper left corner select the Square Type from drop down
  5. Now add any component and drag it outside the circle, see the changes in the run preview

Hope this will help you.

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I understood upto 3rd step. I got the option of 'Run on device" later on I am completely confused because I did not see the “Square Type” option. :confused:

After 3rd step please show your run section by pressing the free gestures icon(beside the Properties section).
Now you will see a RUN section. On this section below the watch circle you will get a external icon press on this. Now a Run preview pop up will come. In this window you will get the Square type from the top left drop down option.
Please let me know if you face any issue to follow these steps.

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Thanks I found it. also is there any way to change the resolution?

Sorry I don’t know any settings like this. What actually do you mean by resolution?

Oppo watch has different resolution. If I apply this square watch face then it get cropped from top & bottom side.

I believe Oppo is 402 x 476 I know how we handle this in Galaxy Store with two binaries but I don’t know how Play Store handles it.

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I can only see one option 450x450 at opening the project
And this warning.

Understood I think I need to request this feature.

Hi Ron,
It has to be specified directly in a watch face.

Handle different watch shapes | Android Developers

Draw a watch face | Android Developers

In an Older version of WFS it had the option on startup for Rectangle or Circle but as Peter pointed out that is not there.

In Galaxy Store for Tizen you would create two binaries one with one version and one with another version when you added both at the same time and they would install on the compatible watch version. But I don’t know anything about Play Store

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I am on Oppo watch which runs on Wear OS

Watch Face Studio is for Wear OS API 28 and newer. I know Oppo has some watches that use that. I don’t know if all use that.

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[r.liechty_SDP] Oppo watch do support api 28. And all of the watch faces use that.