How to configure Battery & seconds with Progress Bar

How to configure Battery & seconds with Progress Bar? I tried multiple Ranges but none of them worked. :confused: Help me

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In the progress bar properties for
click on the Value field and tags on the right side
click on Tags
Select [SEC] for seconds and [BATT_PER] for battery percent
make sure the start value is zero

Below is Min Value and Max Value
Min Value is zero
Max Value is either 60 fo seconds or 100 fro Battery percent

Hope that helps,

Samsung Developer Relations


Thanks and How to configure heart rate with text? I used the heart icon and added text and applied the text field β€œ[HR]” but It’s not working even I tried β€œ[HR_IS_MEASURING]” & β€œ[HR_LAST_MEASURED_TIME]” but It’s not working. it’s showing output is β€œ0”.

([HR]) should output it as Text it works as [HR] in the run window but I think it needs the parenthesis for the watch output. According to your image you still have the runtime properties set at zero.

By the way is measuring is a true false either it is actively measuring or not
Last measured is the time it was last measured.

Samsung Developer Relations