Trying to connect progress bar to Seconds

I am trying to connect the progress bar to seconds so from 0 sec to 60 sec it will fill every one second. and restart at 0 sec again.

On Range Value, I am Putting ‘[SEC]’
But it is showing ‘0’
I tried to put Max value as ‘[SEC]’ and the max value is moving, But no response in progress bar.

How to Sync the progress bar with Seconds.?

Click on the 0 in range value. You will see a button ‘TAG’ appearing. Click on that button and select [SEC]. [SEC] will not be shown once you confirmed the ‘0 + [SEC]’ with an enter at your keyboard.

Max value should be set at 60.


Alright, I think I got it.
I think instead of 0 in Range Value I put 1
So it was “1+[SEC]” and it started moving.

I did some trial and error and its working now thanks.

Well, that would show your progress bar one second ahead of the actual time. The correct syntax is 0 + [SEC].

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