How to convert local time to gmt/utc?

I’m trying to convert local to gmt by using the timezone offset but it appears math operations do not with the timezone offset.


Any idea how I can convert?

Try this. Code is huge, ugly but works. I’m not sure about how often these tag expressions are refreshed


Thanks for providing that but that seems a bit overkill.

It would be nice if there was some way for developers to create custom tag expressions with a little bit of java or kotlin coding.

Is there some way to request such features?


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Its your only choice for now. Problem is, [TMZN_OFS_WITH_DST] is string type variable. You can wait for another WFS update but there’s no ETA. I believe this was requested / asked about few weeks ago.

Depends on how often these tag expressions are calculated. If they are calculated every time variable within them changes then I think this wouldnt cause any lag / battery drain problems.