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I am making a watchface for my use, simple, but suited for my needs. I have Galaxy watch active, and am using the GWD 1.8.1. I upgraded to the latest version but then found that some of the information such as Steps, Heart rate are not updated in the preview, so downgraded back to 1.8.1 again. The screenshot of what I am trying to make is attached. I would like to know if there is a way to change the orientation of the values that I have circled in red. These data also moves along the arc based on the variables I have entered in the angle field. Works ok. But is there any way I can change the orientation of the text so I can get a bit more space for the analog clock ? As far as I can see, in my setup I can only do this if I can align the text vertically (top, bottom)?


Have added another screenshot to clarify what I am trying to achieve. if that helps.


Hello, you can try to make bitmap font with tall transparent images with the actual digit on the top or bottom of it, and let them rotate around the center. And also can make a feature request for vertical text alignment options in request section of the forum…

Thanks… I have raised a feature request

I could not duplicate this and don’t see any bug reports of this. I suspect it just is the implementation is a bit different.

If you can open a new topic or send me a private email or a support request it would be appreciated.

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Hi Ron,

If it is about the data not updated in the upgraded version, then I was waiting for the watchface I am working on to finish to reinstall. That issue may not necessarily be a GWS issue, possibly issue with my Java installation. I have to sort it and then see if it is genuinely GWS issue. I am not sure how I send a private message. But I can create a separate issue topic once I confirm if everything on my side is done properly

java version “1.8.0_191”
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_191-b12)
Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.191-b12, mixed mode)

But have the following installed.

from command prompt type in java -version and see which Java you are using the really old Java 8 or the newer Java JDK. You can probably remove the old Java 8 update the last I knew GWD 8.x and GWS 2.0 are compatible with the newer Java versions. (We recommend Java 8 as it is the last public release)

Be sure to reboot after an installation of GWS. Because of caches some times the fonts do not show if you don’t reboot after installation.

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Hi Ron

I have now installed Java 14 JDK 64 bit, uninstalled Java 8 and reinstalled GWS 2.0. Rebooted machine couple of times, Same issue. Funnily data that shows % values seems okay. For eg: Steps% is okay, Steps count is not. Heart rate is not okay

Seems issue is only with some data

I have now raised a Support Request # 25419 today with the Subject: GWS does not preview Steps/HR, Details are in the ticket

Make sure you are entering the correct data
Steps has 3 variables in the Health Menu
Step %, Step Count and Step Goal each is independent,
Moving the slider for Step% does not affect the steps you have to manually type in that number and Step % does not depend on Steps per Step goal.

Can you check to be sure you are entering the data in correctly it is not intuitive.

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Hi Ron

Yes, I have attached the same screenshot in the support ticket.

I checked the data independently to see which ones change. In the picture, Caffeine is marked with green but it should have been red too

Also I can do a complete uninstall and clean reinstall if you like. Please advise

Change 1000 steps to 2000 and then hit enter don’t tab and see if that updates. That is one feature (bug) in the interface that I know of.

Let me know if that doesn’t change the number in the preview window


Hi Ron

Yes all of them work if press enter instead of Tab. Thanks.

Silly me, I should have checked. Should I login and close the support ticket or will it be closed based on this feedback ?

Not Silly you, It is a bug on all the preview settings. I had just forgot about it. I’m sorry you went through all the inconvenience.

I will have the triage team look for the report and close it.

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