How to get SPO2 in my TIZEN web app

As Galaxy watch 3 is supporting SPO2 in Samsung health app so I want to get SPO2 in my Tizen app. How I can achieve it in my Tizen app ?. is Samsung provide any API for get the SPO2 in Tizen web app?. if yes then please guide me further.

Samsung Health is a proprietary algorithm that interprets the Watch Sensors and creates information based on them. Samsung Health API is not publicly available at this time.

You will need to get the sensor data and create your own app unless it is made public.

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Which sensor is providing the data for Spo2 and how can I extract the data from that sensor in my app. Please guide me further.

If you have already written a Tizen app you should know how to access sensor data. I can’t tell you how to interpret it. There is some information on GitHub that may help you.

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I have already seen how to get sensor data and implemented steps count and Heart rate measurement in my app.
Could you tell me which sensor is providing data for Spo2 ?.
is there any way to get Pulse also on watch 3?.

List of supported sensors on my watch 3 :-1:

I really don’t know how Samsung Health determines things this is something you would need to create your own algorithm for that. The partnership for Health SDK is temporarily suspended but I believe they do intend on opening it up.

I wish I could help but I can’t.

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