How to make components users custimizable?

Hello everyone. I’m truly struggling to achieve what I desire. I’m attempting to create three different configurations of my watch. The first with a large steps progress bar at the bottom, the second with digital time, and the third with just a picture. I’ve managed to use a transparent image as one of the wallpapers to somewhat bypass the first two. However, for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to have the large progress bar either disappear with certain backgrounds or be user-customizable to make it disappear.

Hello, you can mask it with some image and then add styles to this image.
For example - default image = #fff with 100% alpha, style 1 = #000 with 0% alpha. User can then switch style in customization which will turn off the progress bar.

Edit: It should be possible in the future releases of WFS to turn on / off components with a simple BooleanConfiguration. We just need to wait for implementation.
BooleanConfiguration | Android Developers


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Thanks for explanation. Solved my issue.