How to make the background a solid fill color in Visual Studios

I’m having trouble changing the background into a solid color using Visual Studios and .NET, below is an image which is what setting the background currently does. I have also included the code which is meant to make it all happen. To make it clear I want the entire screen to be white, not just half of it.
Thanks for the help.

        <Label Text="Hello" TextColor="Black" Margin="10" />
        <Button Text="Click me" Clicked="Page1Clicked" Margin="50"></Button>


Hello @ben1582086332,

The aforementioned code is only for making the background of the StackLayout white.
If you want to set the background of the entire CirclePage white, please add the BackgroundColor property to the parent CirclePage tag as you can see below.


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I actually follow this topic as I had similar problem