How to make Watch Face selection "Customize" options

Hi, wanted to know if there is a way to set different parts of the watch face to be changed on the watch before applying the watch face.
The customize option in the image below is what I wanted to create.

Hi @lmgiorni,

Currently, there is no such option in GWS to make a customize watch face. The watch face you are referring is a built-in watch face from Samsung. You may try Tizen Studio if you have coding background.


Hi, in general it is possible to make multiple sections of watch face independently customizable, but not in the way you expect. I guess none of tools provided by Samsung for the third party developers (not even Tizen studio) offers the ability to use customize options in the watch face selection menu, nor in the wear app.

However with GWD/GWS the “customization” changes can be made directly by tap on watch face, after it has been selected.

  1. you would have to recreate your own version of the watch face from scratch, since customizable Digital neon is part of firmware and cant be “edited” and there is no such template.
  2. All colourful parts would have to be made as transparent holes in black frames, while changeable images would lie below them.
  3. there is limitation in GWD/GWS: activity and weather info cant be mixed on same watch face. For that the Tizen studio would be needed.

I thought there was a way just manipulating the xml file using a tag or something would suffice.
No coding background on my part, just a little bit so not a big issue but its a little bit of a disappointment to know its not possible just a internal watch face possibility.

Thanks you both for the responses.

Unfortunately, you cannot modify the .xml files. Well, you can, but if you do so, the .tpk file will become broken, and it will return some errors in GWS when trying to upload the watch face on your watch. I tried manipulating the .xml files even in Tizen Studio, and I had the same results.

Great article, but it would be nice if you added an example with navigation.