How to prevent other app terminating my Sweat loss tracking which uses ExceriseClient to get steps per minute data?

Using Samsung Privileged SDK, we have implemented sweat loss measurement in our application. Using the ActivityRecognition we could detect the user’s start and stop running activity and using ExerciseClient we are getting steps per minute data. With the use of Samsung Privileged SDK, we were able to calculate sweat loss data.

But issue we are facing is our application stops getting steps per minute from the ExceriseClient once Samsung Health Start Running activity which launches after 10 minutes. As per the Android documentation only one instance can be run throughout all application. Is there any way we can stops lunching other application like Samsung Health App which uses the Execise clinet so that our application work seamlessly?

Since Samsung Previleged Library provides sweat loss information based on steps per information data, is there another way to obtain the steps per minute data?

You need to open a tech support request for this from Samsung Developer Support.

Samsung Developer Relations