Samsung Privileged Health SDK - How to get the sweat loss value without manual start and end activity?

Hello Team,

I am trying to fetch sweat loss value for running activity using Samsung Privileged Health SDK(v1.1.0) . As per the document and sample I understood that Sweat loss in on demand event and user needs to start the event, perform the running activity for min 5 minutes / 2 km to get the sweat loss result. Is it possible to get the sweat loss without manually start & end the running event?
(Ex. If a user performs running or cycling activity from Samsung Health app, is it possible to callback/result value in the my application at the end of activity ?)

Is there a support channel for Privileged Partner Program, if so I suggest you ask there. If not let me know and I’ll see if I can find a support channel for that.

Samsung Developer Relations

We couldn’t find the support channel for Privileged Partner Program. In addition to sweat loss feature, we have few queries related SpO2.

  • We can able to get the data using sample example available in , but how frequently we can measure the data for spo2.
  • Is there any way to listen/receive data from the Samsung health app(if any broadcast/events available) when we start measuring spo2 and sweat loss(auto and manual) .
  • What are the different status available at this moment sp02.

Sweat loss

  • Do we need to start and end exercise activity manually in our application to get sweat loss result?
  • Is there any way we can get callback/sweat loss result for exercise activities initiated from other applications like Samsung health?
  • For sweat loss, my application getting ExerciseState as TERMINATED from ExerciseClient callback, when running/Walking exercise activity is initiated from Samsung health. Is it expected behavior?

Could you please help us to find dedicated support Channel ?

I will find a contact and let you know.



I was told that you should open a regular Samsung Developer Support Request You can put Non-Game Android or Other or anything for the Type of App. Make Sure your description mentions you are using the Samsung Privileged Health SDK and they will route you to the correct team.

By the way thanks we are going to work on improving this form for the Privileged Partner support. I know it is confusing because the "Partner Service is just for Theme Studio.

Samsung Developer Relations