Our Samsung users have a bad experience with our app

Hi guys,

We have a health app with a couple of hundred of thousands of users.
The app works well for iPhones and other Android brands besides Samsung Phones, mainly the step counter feature is the problem.

We have tried to apply as a Samsung Partner App but haven’t got any response from Samsung and my question is:

Could we use Samsung Health SDK to increase our Samsung user’s experience but not be a Samsung Health Partner? If not, how do we become a Samsung Health Partner?

Thank you!

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Because Samsung has a proprietary algorithm what it reports and what 3rd party apps report are frequently different. For example when Samsung auto-detects step activity is different than other apps. Samsung starts the day at midnight others may start when the user wakes the phone.

Please open a support request to be on a notification list when Samsung Health Partners starts again.

Samsung Developer Program

Thanks for answering!

Yeah we know, we just wanted to speed up the solution for our Samsung users and make the experience as good as possible for them with the Samsung SDK.

I’ll open a support request and hope for the best.

Cheers and take care!