How to select developed watchface in Tizen 5.5?

With all my Tizen 4 watches I am able to develop a native watchface in Tizen Studio and the deploy it to the device using “Run As”, “Tizen Native Application”. After doing so, the watchface was available to select as the default when going to the watchface chooser.

Now since I’ve upgraded some of my watches to Tizen 5.5 I can still deploy the watchface using that method. But it is only staying on screen until I press the back button. Then the watchface is not visible any more and it is also not visible in the watchface chooser to select.

What is the correct way of making such a watchface visible in the chooser and set it as default? Can it probably be done via sdb shell on the device?

I have just confirmed that the watchface package remains installed, so I don’t understand why it’s not visible.

I just found out that after a reboot the new watchface is in fact available by the chooser. I think the problem is that the chooser does not pick up newly installed watchfaces then. Therefore my question: how can I trigger the chooser to re-read the available watch faces?

It should do this automatically. I don’t know what the issue is but if you want to submit a bug report the support team can try to duplicate the issue.

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