Galaxy Watch3: Native Watchface Remains Black After Reboot

On a Galaxy Watch3 running Tizen a native watchface remains black after rebooting the device. The only option to get it to display again is to temporarily select another watchface and then switching back to the original watchface.

This does happen with a watchface created by the Tizen Studio 3.7 template and not changing any single byte on the template code. It is working fine on Galaxy Watch running Tizen

The watchface is actually running, but it just doesn’t display.

Is this a known issue?

Please report this to Samsung Developer Program as a support request. Include information so they can analyze the issue.

Samsung Developer Program

Thank you! I just found out about that support option right after posting here. I already created a ticket with the support team.

What’s the status on this ? It still happened with my watchface

I have create a support ticket #26901 and Samsung replied that they are trying to release a fix for it around end of November.

That’s good to hear, the problem is all my watchfaces that created using sdk is rejected by reviewer because this issue. Since this is not my fault it shouldn’t be a reason to reject my submission.
Does it happen to you too ?

Hi Kam,

What version is your Watch software? I got pushed an update Thursday for my Watch3.

Samsung Developer Program

I don’t own galaxy watch 3 so I ask the help of my friend who has it. It was saturday when we check that native watch is blank after restart.
What’s your current version Ron ? I’ll ask my friend to check and update if necessary

This is my friend’s version:

Mine is Tizen as well mine is the BlueTooth version R850 but that shouldn’t make any difference.

There is also a Tizen Studio update coming very soon but I don’t know if that is just for Mac or for Windows too.

What version of Tizen are you building for? Try building for Tizen 4.x if you are building for Tizen 2.x now.

You can upload dual binaries if you want to continue to support Gear S2 watches.

Samsung Developer Program

I tried build using SDK 2.3.2, 4.0 and 5.5 and the blank still happened. Anyway, the support team that i contacted said the fix will be released in around one month.

Thanks if anyone else asks I have something to tell them :slight_smile:

Samsung Developer Program